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Powering your business with innovation that matters

Continuously innovating for safe and efficient products

Leading edge

with Welab

As bold innovators, we strive everyday to achieve one goal: to stay one step ahead of the energy transition with a dynamic Research & Development approach.

Continuously innovating

with our r&d team

  • Expertise in European standards & national building regulations
  • Competence in design of chimney systems & terminals
  • Expertise in appliances & combustion
  • Competence in patents & trademarks

More than

150 test per year


Thermal test up to 1000°C
Tightness test up to 5000 Pa
Mechanical tests (traction, torsion)
Wind test
Recirculation test for the flue balance


With manufacturers

Paring test with appliances

Room sealed test
Efficiency test
Appliance thermal test


with manufacturers

Special parts for appliances

Single, Double & Triple wall and Concentric
Made to mesure
From prototype to series production