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Flue & Air Care since 1919

A second century of passion

Chimneys & ventilation systems. You might see them as accessories : flues and ducts extracting combustion gases, hot or cold air … and…that’s it at first glance.

In fact, for over 100 years now, we have been providing much more than that. We CARE to do well by doing good : with customers, employees, secured and efficient products, the environment and society.

As bold innovators, we dare to constantly set new standards by developing cutting-edge technologies to make buildings safer and providing high-performance heating or cooling systems using less resources.

As partners, we are proud to manufacture and distribute locally, we share common interests with our customers to develop businesses. We are committed to designing secure and custom-made solutions to meet the very specific needs of every installation in every market.

As sustainable development actors, we care about contributing to secure, durable and healthier buildings and a cleaner air for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. We also relentlessly strive to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We believe that flue and air care can make a difference to everyone in their well-being and peace of mind.

Every day, CARE is what we do and who we are.

Our Values

Reliable Partner

We care for people: we are responsible and have loyal relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Leading edge

Our quality standards are more demanding than industry standards. We create innovation that matters with robust product launches.

Long-term Family Horizon

We are here to stay: we stand for a new century of innovation, adaptation and demanding excellence for the generation.

No shortcut

No shortcut in innovation, safety, performance and quality: we make no compromise on the standards we want to match.

Local Approach

We are “made from here”: decisions, design and production are made at local level for the best adaptability and availability for products and services.

We care

to do well

by doing good

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Sphering Group

Supported by committed local teams and backed by a controlled financial stability, the Group has demonstrated its ability to carry out rapid, structured and profitable growth throughout Europe.