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Sphering Group Commits to Low-Carbon Plant Expansion

By 11 April 2024NEWS

Dimitri Lamour Photograph


In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its production capabilities, Sphering has announced a significant investment in an 8,000 square meter low-carbon footprint plant in France. This initiative marks a pivotal step towards advancing industry standards and embracing sustainable practices.


As a dominant force in Europe’s flue and chimney systems sector, Sphering continues its legacy of innovation and growth. With over a century of experience, the Group’s French subsidiary, Joncoux, established in 1919, is already operating at maximum capacity and to meet rising demand, Joncoux is set to inaugurate a third production plant in Rennes by early 2025.
The decision to expand operations aligns with the increasing prominence of biomass energy across Europe. This environmentally friendly, renewable energy source, derived from wood and pellets, is gaining traction due to its carbon-neutral properties and localized production chains. Additionally, the imperative to replace outdated boilers with high-efficiency alternatives underscores the Group’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.
Securing a 30,000 square meter plot in the latest industrial park, “La Janais,” in Rennes, underscores Sphering’s dedication to growth. This location will host the construction of the new 8,000 square meter facility. Moreover, the plant will adhere to ambitious low carbon industrial plan regulations, showcasing the Group’s foresight and dedication to sustainable expansion.



In line with its values, Sphering has entrusted the construction of the facility to Legendre Group, renowned for its expertise in industrial building. With headquarters in Rennes, Legendre Group will ensure the timely completion of the project, with the plant expected to be operational by the first quarter of 2025.
This investment not only demonstrates Sphering Group’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also reinforces its position as an industry leader dedicated to driving positive change.