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Sphering Group: from a local french-based company to a European industrial benchmark

By 12 October 2023November 8th, 2023General, NEWS

Sphering Group, was featured in an exclusive interview on French business TV focusing on SME’s successes. Jacques-Olivier Joncoux, CEO and Chairman, was invited to discuss the company’s rise to become a leading industrial player in Europe.


“When I took over the helm 25 years ago, we were a small Brittany-based manufacturer, and the prospects were rather grim: factories were closing down all over the place, and no one wanted to work in the industry, and yet I was fascinated by the highly technical side of the job and by the contribution our products could make in terms of energy efficiency and air quality. Sphering now has a workforce of 1,000 employees across 8 production sites in Europe and sales of €200 million, a fourfold growth over 10 years.”


With the first production site founded in 1919 in Brittany, Sphering Group became a European industrial benchmark throughout the century. Leading edge, acting for air care and energy transition, Sphering Group keeps expanding its EU footprint with highly secured and efficient products.


“Working on joint projects, sharing skills and experiences in a multicultural environment, is a real asset for the group. Our main challenge today is to recruit new talents to support the Group’s development, and to carry on growing what was originally a Brittany-based company and is now a key player on the European market. Our industry needs to attract the best talent: that’s why we need to constantly strive for efficiency and excellence.”