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Sphering Group’s R&D facility WeLab celebrates its 10th anniversary

By 9 March 2020September 2nd, 2020NEWS

Sphering Group cares about contributing to secure, durable and healthier buildings and more breathable air to everyone.

To this extent, the group has invested in 2010 in its own laboratory.

Sphering Group is one of the rare actors in the industry to possess and operate this kind of facility. When it was first launched, it was mainly dedicated to test the production of flue pipes. Over time, skills were acquired and developed to assess the compatibility and the performance of the entire system (appliance with air-flue ducts).

Today, this unique resource has become a very valuable asset, not to say crucial, powering all companies across the group. It is helping R&D teams to keep developing cutting-edge technologies and to design products with the utmost level of performance and security through extensive tests before robust launches.

Ilustrating a successful collaborative work behavior (internally and externally), at the occasion of its 10th anniversary this year, this facility was finally given a name: WeLab.

Over a century, the company’s history has been shaped with inventions and patents in order to develop new products and constantly adapt to changing market needs.

With WeLab, Sphering Group makes sure to always stay one step ahead of norms in order to offer innovation that matters for its clients but also play an active role towards the environment.

For more detailed information, please download our documentation about WeLab.