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COVID-19 Announcement

By 12 November 2020December 7th, 2020NEWS

Dear trusted partners,

Once again the Covid-19 puts its pressure on our activity, employees, partners and beloved ones.
Once again we gratefully support all those daily heroes who keep on caring for the sick ones, working in factories, offices and stores, ensuring that nevertheless life could go on.
Once again we Sphering stay true to our centenary values and do our part. With our relentless dedication to Care, we strive to ensure everyday safety and economical steadiness to all our trade partners and employees, that will bring common invaluable resilience.
Once again we face headwinds but our commitment remain unshakeable and we are sure that together we will brave the storm

Who cares wins
Always by your side

Jacques-Olivier Joncoux – Sphering Group CEO & Chairman